Workplace GPA

In school everyone starts with a 4.0 GPA. As time passes and you skip class, miss assignments, and make anything less than an A; your GPA drops down. Sometimes your GPA can get so low that you end up on academic probation and/or you have to get a tutor and do extra projects and assignments to help you get back to a good place. If your GPA remains average, this could negatively impact future opportunities you have for continued funding, internships, and even jobs.

Your academic GPA is much like your GPA in the workplace. You start your new job with a 4.0. After absences, a lack of teamwork, and poor attention to detail you find yourself at a 2.5. Coworkers don’t like to work with you because you are not a team player, not dependable, and have poor quality of work.

Is there any way to turn this GPA around? How can you show your supervisor and coworkers that you are a top notch employee despite falling from grace? Follow the steps below to salvage your work GPA.

1)     Do a self-evaluation of your work performance. Areas to consider:

a.       Communication

b.       Attitude

c.       Team work

d.       Attendance

e.       Overall Value/Performance

2)     Take notes from your previous Performance Evaluation and compare the needs improvement section with what you wrote down on your own Self-evaluation. Highlight the commonalties. If you haven’t had a performance review, schedule a meeting with your supervisor to have one.


3)     Secure a mentor. Keep this in mind when securing a mentor

a.       Ask in a professional, polite manner- state why you need one

b.       You can select someone who works at your company or outside of your company

c.       Be mentally prepared to make the necessary changes (don’t waste anyone’s time with your bad attitude- especially if they are trying to help you).


4)     Engage and Execute. Start engaging in team related projects and conversations. Turn the tide on people’s perception of you by getting involved and executing some of the improvement suggestions offered by your Supervisor/mentor/yourself.


If you do these 4 steps you will see a change in how you view work and how your coworkers interact with you. You will produce a better quality of work and have a better attitude towards your contribution to the company. You may even get a promotion if your behavior is consistent and sincere.  Some of you may have the attitude that you are just there to work and don’t care how people view you; but a large percentage of future opportunities come from former work relationships, and making a positive impression in your current workplace. Whether you are the drive through person at McDonalds or a Manager, you want to strive to have a high workplace GPA.

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