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How many times have you sat at your desk at work feeling overwhelmed, unappreciated, and completely fed up with workplace politics and drama?

Do you feel as though your talents could be better utilized elsewhere?

Deep inside you know you want more, but are not sure what more means or even how to get there.

Unfortunately because of family and financial obligations you are bound to jobs that do not tap into your creativity, values, or life’s purpose. This has left you stuck and sick and tired of the boring 9-5.

How long will you continue to wear a mask that says “everything is ok” and I have it all together – when in reality you are feeling lost about your future and frustrated with your present?  


My name is Dr. Sherrich Monsher, and I am here to help you create a career and lifestyle that brings you alive, and makes you jump out of bed excited every single morning.

I am a Professional Development and Empowerment Coach, and my approach focuses on helping you let go of fear of doubt, tap into your inner confidence, and create a life and career on your terms.

Now is the time to make yourself the priority. You deserve to do work that fulfills and energizes you, and is also life changing and refreshing!

Let me show you how.


I’d love to support you on your journey.