This is America: 4th of July Fun

This 4th of July was one for the books! Per our usual tradition, my mom, my close friend Melody Coburn, and I ran the Peachtree Road Race #PTRR! This was my 5th year running the race and we had a great time! In years’ past we would RUN the race. I would bark at my mom about our time and how she needed to pick up the pace. I would lecture her about not training properly and about how next year we would be further in the back because of our slow time.

One day I overheard someone saying how the race is so fun with the live music, free pizza, free beer from establishments and friendly onlookers! What are they talking about, I thought to myself? I had never witnessed anything like that! Then it hit me! I was so busy fussing about nothing that I wasn’t enjoying the moment.

I wasn’t living in the fact that my mom was there with me, soaking up the sun, burning some serious calories, and having fun. These precious moments won’t last forever, so what was I doing squandering them away just so I could complete the race in a desired time? After that epiphany, I vowed to enjoy the race; 4th of July style! For the last two years we have enjoyed Jell-O shots, cold beers, free pizza (Thanks Mellow Mushroom) and friendly runners and spectators. Enjoying the moment and stopping to smell the roses is energizing and truly what life is all about!

While running the race I saw people of all shades, religions, sizes and genders running and sweating side by side. It was beautiful!

With all of the craziness going on in the world and our government, it was nice to have a moment of love and appreciation. This is a celebration I thought, this is America!

Check out some fun times from The Peachtree Road Race! Hope to see you out there next year!

We get a picture with 11 Alive's Chesley McNeil every year! Greek LOVE!

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