2018: Snow Days and Ice Cold Corporate

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone impacted by the snow is safe. The news said that some people have lost their lives due to the snow, ice, and hazardous conditions. That saddens me.

Let me start by saying that many businesses don’t care about you. They don’t care if you slide all over an icy road and hit a pole, just so long as you come into work. It’s a bit ridiculous and disgusting if you ask me.

You tell me, is it worth the cost of your life? We recently had snow and ice all over the Southern region of the U.S. How many of you had employers who demanded you come in? Maybe they were understanding on the first day of snow, but once the second day of ice still caused hazardous road conditions they were like bring your ass into work!

We laugh at memes that speak about us risking our life to head into work. The more pressing issue and what really grinds my gears are companies that don’t operationally plan for bad weather by telling their staff beforehand to WFH (work from home).

My mom knew 24-48 hours beforehand that her office was closing and that she needed to WFH. What my mom does is important, but her company knows that her life and the lives of the rest of their staff is more important. I seriously side eye companies that send you an email the day of with verbiage like “use your discretion” or “WFH is not ideal so come in if you can”. Are you serious?? Dying trying to come to a job that doesn’t give AF about you in not IDEAL!


Although you don’t want your exit strategy to be reactive and based off emotion; scenarios like these really make you contemplate the why? Why do you have these talents and skills and waste them fulfilling someone else’s business dream and making someone else rich?


Snow days really put things into perspective of your why and your purpose. Life is unpredictable why not make the best of each day living your best life. Not risking it for a pat on the back from a boss or Executive that has no loyalty to you and in truth doesn’t care.

If they must chose between you and making money, they would chose making money each time. Companies demonstrate this concept time and time again.

Bosses be like.jpg

Now maybe I am just at my point where the exit strategy is everything I want and pray for. Maybe you are just starting your career.  If that is the case, you can take what I am saying with a grain of salt. If you are like me though, 2018 is the time. Each day, week, month that you put towards a business that gives ZERO f*&$@ about you, is a day, week, month, that you are taking away from growing your very own business.

If you were looking for a sign- you stumbled upon this blog for a reason.

Let’s get it!


Dr. Sherrich Monsher