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Tips for staying on point in 2018




5 Tips to Stop Procrastination Dead in its Tracks.

BREAK your work into little steps- Bite off little pieces at a time so that you won’t be so overwhelmed.

CHANGE of Scenery- Instead of doing important work in your bed watching the season finale of The Walking Dead- try going to a small coffee shop, library, or bookstore and complete your task with limited distractions.

TIMELINE with specific deadline dates- Write your final deadlines in big colorful writing on your mirror, calendar, and/or cell phone wall paper. Make it real and in your face so you don’t get off track!

ACCOUNTABILITY partner- There is something about telling someone your plans and them reminding you of when you are off track. Make sure you have an accountability partner and not a yes man (see next step) to help and support you with accomplishing your tasks.

DITCH the Debbie Downers and Enablers- You don’t need any negativity messing up your mental. Enablers are just as bad in that they pacify you into thinking that you being lazy is ok. It’s not ok! Make sure you have an accountability partner that puts some fire under your (you know what).

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Who thought adulting would be this draining?

I can think of some things that are good about adulting like: making your own decisions, having more money than you probably have ever had in your life, travelling, and being able to provide for your family.

I can also think about some things that make adulting whack! Like: Traffic, never having enough time, watching the scale get higher and higher as your promise tomorrow you will start your “lifestyle change”, leaving in darkness and coming home in darkness, and no "me" time away from significant other and kids. If we had known in high school that adulting would be so overwhelming and exhausting we may have stayed put.

This year I have learned two major things with adulting. They seem kind of contradictory but just bear with me.

  1. Say NO! Every month there are 1000 baby showers, 200 weddings, 4000 birthdays and 750 engagements. You can’t make it to everything. Heck, some of us only get two days off a week and we may need those days for cleaning, meal prep, to spend time with family, or just recharge.
  2. There are some things you should try your best to makeThis second tip seems to contradict the first but I guess I will preface by saying, use your judgement and don’t stretch yourself too thin. Your good friend got married, don’t miss that. Your line sister's baby got christened? Don’t miss that. An impromptu dinner in the middle of the week and your money is funny? You may be able to skip that one. Moral of the story is don’t suffer exhaustion trying to please everyone and make it to everything. Every single thing is not the most important thing. However, when able, try and be there for your friends to show love, support and your warm presence.


Things that need to be on point in 2018

  1. Finances-Write down your budget and stick to it- make sure you factor in date night, social time, and vices such as Starbucks coffee, and your Amazon cart. If you are a more advanced saver- consider some investment options to make your money long.
  2. Soul- Make sure you are treating others well and staying away from drama, gossip, and pettiness. This may be the time for a social media detox. Did you know there is an app for that?
  3. Work/Life Balance- Do you have to work late every night? Sometimes we sacrifice so much for companies at the detriment of our family and health. Try these tips:
    • Have a Social Life
    • Familiarize/refamiliarize yourself with your hobbies
    • Manage your work time and keep it separate from personal time
    • Do NOT work while on vacation
    • Use your PTO
  4. Peace- Find your peaceful place. Your place of peace may be the gym, the long commute home when it’s just you and the road, or a cozy coffee shop. Wherever your peaceful place, identify it and make it your business to go often. You find your sanity in this peaceful place. For starters make a cool playlist where you can mentally go to achieve Peace. 


Happy Holidays! Love Dr. Share Bear

Happy Holidays! Love Dr. Share Bear

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