A Snake at my Door: Spring Transformations

Hey guys! WOW my hiatus lasted longer than I planned. I needed it though. These last four months have been nothing short of stressful, enlightening, and amazing. The power of the human mind and heart never cease to amaze me! Our ability to persevere and push through despite adversity. Especially women! We have a real knack for it!

These months I: lost more weight than I had in a while JUST by healthy eating, I mourned the loss of a long term relationship, and studied for a super hard certification exam and passed it with FLYING COLORS! Damn, I’m dope! This is something I wouldn’t have said before. Before I strived so hard to be modest so that I wouldn’t intimidate or offend others. My transformation got me out of that thinking!

Change is hard, and I was still doubting and questioning this transformation and myself. Am I on the right path, I thought. Last week I received my confirmation.

I was walking back inside after walking the dogs and BOOM!

There was a black snake at my front door. A SNAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? (Soulja Boy voice). Since I was taking the dogs out very quickly, this was the only means of getting back inside the house. I screeched in fear! Where did this snake come from, and the symbolism of a black snake blocking my only entry way back into the house chilled me to the bone. My neighbor came and saved me, but when I was safely in the house I lost it. I cried and cried, feeling helpless and scared. Feeling like the snake symbolized something ominous. I immediately went to my spiritual resources to get a deeper understanding of this black snake. In short, snakes get a bad rap. They are seen as threatening and conjure fear within us. However, this symbolism was quite the contrary. The snake at my front door meant two things:

1)     I am about to experience a transformation like no other. I will be shedding old skin, old ways, and old thoughts. I will evolve a new transformed self!

2)     Protect my intimate space and peace, beware of casual acquaintances trying to come into my space/circle.


After this information, I felt better, and remembered that the universe is still in my corner, and still wants to show me what it has in store, but I must see with all of my eyes and senses.

Maybe you guys are going through a transformation as well:

Here are 4 transformational things I’ve learned in these 4 months of 2019.

1)     Set your boundaries. There is power is saying no to people, events, relationships. If you are giving everything to everyone, what do you have left for you? Setting boundaries is a means of self-respect, it tells people what you will or won’t condone and you have to have balls enough to express it. If you are not ready for the entire setting boundary plunge; just do it in small doses. I guarantee you will start to regain your confidence and energy.

2)     Pour all that energy into you. You may be spending most of your time trying to please others, be there for others, and serve others. If you just poured 20%, 30%, 100% of that energy into you, I wonder what would be the result. Sometimes we busy ourselves with being there for others because we think they need us, “what will they do without my help we ask”? The real question is what will YOU do without your help? Who will you become? I’ll tell you: worn down, low energy, feeling like your needs are neglected, burnt out, irritable, tired. Not you, but a raggedy shell of who you used to be.

3)     No matter what, get it done. Sometimes there are things in the way of accomplishing your goals. It’s your job to not let them STAY in your way. Do as much as you can do, and more if you have the energy to. The sacrifice that you put in for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, can bring a world of change. This goes for fitness goals, professional goals, and personal goals.

4)     Your journey is yours. Transformation is beautiful, sometimes things in your life are delayed until the right time. While you are going through the delay you are irritable. You may say, “Why don’t I have that dream job yet, or why don’t I have a husband or family yet”? You don’t know what life holds for you, so take a breath, enjoy the journey, and stop comparisons. Comparisons make you miss the beauty and blessings that you have because you are constantly seeking more from what you see other people have.

Feel free to share any transformations you’ve experienced below. As always, if one of your transformations includes landing that dream job, getting your foot in the door, getting that promotion, or a professional development make over then contact me for a 45 minute complimentary enrichment session. In the enrichment session we will discuss where you are, where you want to be, and what is holding you back.

With love

-Dr. Share Bear