Consistency: Are you built for it?

Happy End of July and End of Mercury Retrograde! We made it! The month of July has been a challenge; emotionally and professionally. I am not sure about you but July had me wide open; I mean all the feels!

I learned the art of forgiveness this month, not just forgiving people I felt wronged me, but also forgiving myself. I am still working on that- but the theme that transpired during this month of Cancer Season and Leo season was Consistency.

I remained consistent in the below areas:

1)    POSITIVITY & PATIENCE. I was assigned new administrative duties at work. Needless to say I wasn’t happy about them. This might sound snobby, but the work is unchallenging, tedious, and beneath my skill level. I was angry, and complained every day for a month. In July I decided that I wouldn’t have a negative attitude and that I would not complain, not one day. For 31 days I didn’t complain and I radiated so much positive energy. That positive energy allowed me to finish the work faster so I could get back to things I enjoy, such as writing, coaching clients, and revisiting my service offerings. Staying patient is also essential in this area. That Job WILL COME, that relationship WILL MANIFEST, that bank account WILL BE ABUNDANT. But my question for you is, if it doesn’t happen in a month, or the next three months; will you give up? Are you built for the art of patience?

2)    POURING ENERGY INTO MYSELF. I am recently single and I was pouring 200% energy into my ex and everyone else; while I suffered silently inside. After the break up, I promised myself that all of the energy I was pouring into others, I would give to myself. Once I started re purposing that energy beautiful things started to happen. I lost 20 pounds… and counting, I traveled, had more meaningful conversations, let go of one sided relationships, and did activities that made ME feel good. I was pouring so much into my clients, family, and friends from a cup that was dangerously low. I was making deposits into the lives of others while my bank account was in the negative. Talk about being consistent, I talked about this in May’s blog post!

3)    BEING AUTHENTIC AND UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME. In 2015 when I started ShareTheRich I talked about taking off my mask and sharing that everything is not picture perfect in my world. However, when I delved deeper I realized that I was still wearing the mask. My authenticity was sheltered due to fear, anxiety, and doubt. I am working on healing, forgiving, and loving. Although I am not perfect everyday- I made a promise to myself to be authentic and unapologetic. This has not only made me a better coach, but a better person as well.

It is no coincidence that I am also on a loc journey which is the most patient and consistent journey EVER! It seems that the universe works as it’s supposed to!

My loc journey has been LIT!

My loc journey has been LIT!

These areas have made me a better woman, daughter, friend, employee, and supervisor. When applied, these areas can completely change your mindset. Everything you want in life starts with YOU! Don’t wait around for something to happen that causes a reaction, be the change you want to see!

It’s not up to your boss to give you that raise and recognition, or that job to take a chance on you. YOU DON’T NEED VALIDATION FROM A DAMN PERSON! YOU HEAR ME? NOT A DAMN PERSON! Your journey depends on you! It depends on your mindset, positive thinking, patience, the energy you surround yourself with and pour in, and being authentic and true to yourself and your desires.

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With love

-Dr. Share Bear