Interview Prep Part 1: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

I hope this post helps you get the job you want. Please, I implore you- DO NOT just "wing it”.

Before the Interview

Do the following: 

  • Solicit ShareTheRich Interview Prep services #shamelessplug. This will help you prepare for the interview properly. Seriously, if you don’t solicit my services you should role play an interview scenario with someone.
  • Have a working number. 
  • Make sure your system is CLEAN OF ALL DRUGS.
  • Get interview clothes that fit well, and that you feel comfortable in.
  • Don’t have some sexy ring back tone or music filled voicemail. Your voicemail message should sound professional and polished. Who still uses ring back tones anyway?
  • Have a Cover Letter or E note ready.
  • Make sure your resume is up to date and poppin! - You can always hire ShareTheRich for this service #shamelessplug2.
  • Get a good night’s rest before your interview.

Check out the next Blog Post for what to do once you land the interview.

Don't Forget to 




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