Why should they take you seriously?

Top 2 reasons why you aren’t getting that promotion!


Every year you have a review and every year your supervisor tells you what you need to work on. You smile and say yes sir or yes ma’am and after that meeting you don’t give another thought to what they said. You think to yourself they are trying to hold you back because you are a woman, a minority, or that your existence threatens them.


While some of these may be true the honest truth is it’s YOU!


This is the truth people do not want to face so they blame racism, sexism, and every other ism on the fact that there is a disconnect between their current efforts and a promotion. You come to work late, leave early, do the minimum, mentally check out at 4:45pm… the list is endless. Every day you complain about your boss, coworkers, and work environment to your friends, spouse, and family. What you are not telling them is the truth. Your boss may be a jerk and your coworkers may be idiots, but guess what you have some fault in your own stagnation.


Let’s start with what you CAN control. Attendance! If you are late regularly, call out for hangovers, and dip out before your work day has ended, you will not get a promotion. You will not be taken seriously as a true professional that cares about their movement in the company.



Stay with me now...


Next, what value do you bring to the company while you are there? Are you handling your work load with quality and not complaining about every task that is assigned to you? Did you know that when your boss asked you to handle that project last week they may have been asking to see if you could handle it? They may have their eyes set on a promotion or a lateral move for you! However, you are overlooked because you do not do your own work well and gripe and moan every time they ask something of you.


Can you see the pattern so far? These two items are things that YOU control. If you are handling your work, coming in on time, and your boss doesn’t ask you to help them with anything,  ASK them!



ASK them if there is anything you can help with or take off of their plate. ASK if there is anything they can train you on and you can learn in order to make their lives easier and expound your knowledge. This shows that you are a team player and you have their back. This shows them that you want them to succeed, you are valuable, and that you have the department’s best interest in mind.


These days as I sit on the other side of the desk from an employee I sense a feeling of entitlement. They believe that years of service or ass kissing should have gotten them the promotion already. They forget about the call outs, tardiness, whining about extra duties, and overall poor attitude. You advancing in life starts with YOU!


Want more tips on how to advance in your career in 18 months? Have testimonies on how you progressed in your company? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it in!


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Sherrich Monsher