Corporate America Pettiness Part I.

Petty Labelle, Petty Princess, Prince of Petty!


Corporate America can be so petty during the hiring process. You as the candidate wake up prepared for your interview. You spend the entire night reviewing your resume, the company’s website, and the top 10 interview questions that you googled. You show up to the interview ready to WOW the hiring manager and showcase your skills with class, intelligence, and profound articulation.


The hiring manager is looking for one of these two:

  1. Robot- The eager beaver who will follow directions without protest, complete tasks while they are on and off the clock, and make the manager look good.

  2. Innovator- The person who will come with new ideas, has proven success, seems to be able to handle the most difficult situations effortlessly, and is a self-starter.

The problem of petty lies when you are an Innovator but interviewing for a hiring manager who would prefer a Robot. When they ask you what you are looking for in a company you reply growth when in reality they don’t want you to go anywhere.


They would much prefer you to do their bidding and be happy about it. You leave the interview and don’t get a call back just because you have dreams and goals of advancement and you seem too ambitious for them. I didn’t know it was a crime to want better for yourself! But depending on the company that desire could take you out of the running.


Petty Princess/Prince


Unless you are interviewing for an open minded company, the hiring manager can be petty before you even get a chance to do your “tell me about yourself spill”. You walk in with your natural hair, your new age resume, braces, streaked hair, expensive suit, and you are immediately judged. Immediately you are taken out of the running for things you thought would help you make a good first impression.


 I have seen a girl eliminated because she gave someone a two handed handshake in the hallway. Yes, a two handed handshake! I didn’t even know what that looked like! I had to google that!


Despite Corporate America’s pettiness they make the rules and if you want to join their team you need to educate yourself prior to sending your resume and showing up for an interview.


How do I prepare you ask? Research the company as much as possible and ask the interviewer the right questions to reveal petty in the workplace!


Now as far as more info on how to reveal petty during the interview process- that is another blog post for another time .


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Sherrich Monsher