What do Clients who have been enriched have to Say?

I solicited Sherrich for help in getting my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn updated. What I received for the small fee paid was far BEYOND what I expected. Not only did I receive a total facelift of those items that immediately got me feedback from recruiters and attention from professionals working with entrepreneurs (who, by the way, complemented my LinkedIn site and wanted to do business with me), I received so much more. She gave me the push and motivation to get out of my head and really move forward with investing in my business and her positivity has rubbed off on me in so many ways. I am excited about my career endeavors and look forward to the multiple channels open to me to utilize my creativity, make a living for my family, and make a real contribution in this world. Thank you Sherrich for using your gift!
— Joi Albright, Marketing Professional & Entrepreneur, CEO of A Joi’s Touch
I contracted Share the Rich for their Resume and Cover letter writing services. I was extremely impressed with her responsiveness and the quality of her work. With the information that I provided, she was able to clearly communicate my skills and experience. After working with Share the Rich, I now feel confident that my resume and cover letter will receive the attention from potential employers that they deserve.
— Moses Everett- CEO & Founder of 3E Creative Media and Marketing Professional
My name is Sharita-Marie Fulton and I have known the incomparable Sherrich Thegg for 13 years now. I have always admired her tenacity, dedication, determination and drive to be a better version of herself than she was the day before. I found myself at a crossroad in the fall of 2015. I had so many visions for my life but did not really know where to start to bring them all together. I have always felt that a Life Coach was someone who could help me with honing in on what was really important in life. So when I saw Sherrich was working as a Professional Development Coach I had to jump at the opportunity to get solid advice and direction from her. Our session was very enlightening and really life changing. I discovered things about myself that I never knew. Ever since then I have been moving forward and taking strides to accomplishing my life’s goals and aspirations.

Thank you so much Sherrich for pouring your wisdom, experience and knowledge into my life. If you haven’t done so already, please invest in yourself and your future. Let her SHARE THE RICH with you!
— Sharita Marie Fulton, Entrepreneur and Criminal Justice Professional
I would like to take the time to give a testimony on my experience with Sherrich from Share The Rich. I can tend to be a very indecisive person. I have a lot I enjoy doing but it’s difficult for me to put it all together. I have a social media business Melo’s Media where I help business owners grow their business through social media and I have the love for cycling. I had sessions with Sherrich and she brought out alot that I only kept inside. She was a listening ear, kept her words positive, and made me feel important. She asked great questions and took good notes on my answers. She made sure what she was telling me was something I would take away from our conversation. I started to revamp my business and everything came to light. Melo’s Media is now a health/wellness social media business!. I continue with my cycle classes and training to become an instructor one day since I have grown to love being on the bike. I’m in a position now where I am confident, a goal setter, more positive, and embrace any mistakes and turn them into lessons. I have Sherrich to thank for all of this. Sherrich’s passion to help others and words of encouragement has helped me understand that I can turn my curiosity, and gifts into a business where I help others. Thank you Sherrich for everything! You are truly a great coach.
— Melody Coburn, Academic Professional, CEO and Founder of Melo's Media, and Boot Camp Instructor