Oh, Hey 2017

Happy New Year! I hope the beginning of 2017 has been great for you so far!

Every year we say “New Year, New Me.” Some people are tired of this line but I get it. A new year is an opportunity to refocus and regroup.

People like starting at the beginning so I am all for the New Year Resolutions and Goals. I wanted to share my strategy for New Year goal planning for those of you who are serious about making changes in 2017.

I start with 3 main goals for the entire year. EVERYDAY I have to work towards these three goals. I will share one of these goals with you. My main goal, #1 on my list is to COMPLETE MY DOCTORATE!!

This degree is the bane of my existence and has been for some time. I have spent crazy amounts of time and money and I am ready for this chapter in my life to come to a close. I can’t control what is out of my hands- but anything that requires an action item from me to finish this degree will be done in 2017! MARK MY WORDS!

DR. MONSHER IN 2017 has a nice ring to it!


 Here are the meat and potatoes for being successful with goal planning and goal action in 2017!

1)     Running simultaneously to your 3 main goals- structure the remaining goals by Quarter. I get a Dry erase board and write the goals for the first two quarters. I only write the first two quarters so I do not get overwhelmed. After those quarters have passed, I write the remaining 3th and 4th quarters. Sometimes the daunting task of completing goals makes us procrastinate and staying the course to completion seems less appealing.

2)     After you organize the goals by quarters you can list them in terms of priority. Understand that the last day in that quarter is your expiration date for that quarter’s goals.

3)     It would be wise to share your quarterly goals with a friend to help you stay accountable. That way if you are doing anything contrary to your goals they can give you a friendly reminder or a light nudge to get your ish together!

4)     The most important thing is to have constant reminders of your top 3 goals and goals for that particular quarter. For me, a dry erase board works. I look at that board every morning and set my intentions for the day.

2017 is the year to get ish done! Don’t let another year go by without losing that weight, starting that business, getting that degree, leaving that job, or living paycheck to paycheck.

You feel pumped up? I hope so!

Set your intentions and KICK ASS IN 2017! Good luck to you!

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