Negotiate or have Regrets later


Negotiating salary during the hiring process is a MUST! However, about 39% of job seekers ACTUALLY negotiate salary. Men negotiate more than women; and ages 18-34 negotiate more often than ages 35-54 (SHRM, 2018).

Why you ask? Fear and Doubt are the underlying answers.

You fear that if you negotiate they will rescind your offer, go with another candidate, or view you as greedy. And, what if they do? But more importantly, what if they don’t?

Often we live in DOUBT that if you ask you will not get the salary you desire.

 Things to consider

1)      All they can say is no, or settle on an amount between what you asked for and the original offer. Both of these outcomes are higher than your original offer. So go for it!

2)    From the HR perspective, I’ve seen a girl get offered $40K and another person with the same position and experience negotiate and get $65K. Wouldn’t you want $25K more if you could have it?

3)     Employers have a salary range they disclose and another range they don’t, so if they say the range is $40k-$50K their actual range is probably $45k-$55K. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, and have some quick talking points to justify why.

4)     I can almost guarantee you that if the employer makes you an offer that means they really want you! The other candidates came second to you and they feel like you can make a difference at their organization. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

5)     Employers EXPECT you to negotiate and when you don’t they are surprised.

You can negotiate other things besides salary

1)      PTO- let’s say your potential new job offers 15 days of PTO but you want 20, negotiate for more PTO.

2)     No waiting period for your benefits- if there is a 30 day waiting period to start benefits you can negotiate to start your benefits at the beginning of the month.

3)     Bonuses (frequency and amount)

4)     Other benefits/perks

Lastly, it’s always easier to find a job when you already have a job. Less pressure, plus if for some reason they don’t budge on the proposed negotiated salary and you decline the offer then at least you are already working. *Silver Lining*

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