Maintain Your Dignity Upon Departure

Maintain Your Dignity Upon Departure

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while. Ironically my last post was about the strategic resignation and I resigned from my job! The day came, the last straw broke and in less than 1 weeks’ time I had interviewed and got offered a job. Talk about unplanned! Talk about being marketable and knowing your worth!

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I am within my last two weeks’ at my current company and I won’t lie people are pettier than ever before. More nasty than ever before and really showing their true colors. I cannot say I am surprised, but every day there is a test to maintain my dignity and class. Most days I want to scream KISS MY ASS!

Just kiss it!

Just kiss it!

Snide remarks, whispers with side eyes, and just overall disrespectful behavior remind me of why I am moving forward with my resignation. Now I don’t know how strong you are, how much of your feelings you wear on your sleeve, but I have included some survival tips for you to Maintain your Dignity upon Departure.

1)      DO NOT speak negatively about the company you are leaving to anyone. Not your coworkers and not your new company. NO ONE! Your time is not up quite yet and you still want to remain as professional and non petty/messy as possible,

2)      If you are leaving because you are unhappy DO NOT say so. You always want to leave on good terms so do just that! Plus, unhappiness doesn’t look good on anyone.

3)      DO NOT share where you are going. That is your personal business and you do not want your soon to be former coworkers asking you to get them on, or worse, contacting your new employer trying to sabotage your move. I know no one seems to appreciate privacy anymore but the less someone knows the less influence/control they have.

4)      Celebrate! If coworkers want to do something special for you then receive that. This is a life changing event so don’t act all funny and anti-social about it. You should feel honored that they thought enough of you to celebrate!

5)      No matter what anyone says, does, or doesn’t say, DO NOT stoop to their level. DO NOT walk out prior to the end of your two weeks. Their poor behavior during this time is more of a reflection of their true colors than it is of yours. Do not jeopardize the reputation you’ve built over the years for two weeks of pettiness. Just smile and keep it moving because what is in store at your next gig is a great opportunity and the shade from them is temporary.

Want more tips on how to maintain your Dignity upon Departure? Have advice for anyone leaving their job? Let me know in the comment section!

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